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December 6, 2005


Reza Moradi Ghiasabadi
Translator: Sam Sheykh-ol Eslami

In Iranian (Persian) believes star or as it’s called today planet Anahid/ Anahita/ Nahid (Venus) is flowing water’s star and so Nahid`s temples have been made near rivers and water fountains. And also there is another character which as a result waters and its fountains and aqueducts belonged to her and she was supporter of them. The reason why in Iranian traditional believes water fountains were symbols of Anahid`s place and men can not go there is based on this believe.

But one question arises here what has happened in nature that the believe of relation between water and rivers and Anahid`s star.

In Iranian papers near Nahid star there is another name Ardevisurah in all AbanYasht in Avesta there are adulated .it has been called Ardevisura writer believes this name and character before became a name and symbol for water Izad Banou (goddess) was a name for a river and a star .Aredvy or Ardevisura was name of a river and Anahid name of a star and also a river’s titular. Aredvy river is Amu darya/ Jeyhun (Oxus) river which is the biggest and longest and a waterlogged river in all ancient Iran this river had 2450 km. barleycorn which had too many branches lakes and water falls Amu darya in it’s  fountain Panjab from high mountains of Hokar in Badakhshan (Tajikistan Republic) were going to Farakhkart sea. Highnesses of Hokar is the high mountains of Pamir with more than ten culminations with 5000 high meters and some culminations with 7000 meters highness .and Farakhkart sea is Caspian sea. That in ancient times and before changing it’s way to the Kharazm (Aral) sea lake it’s water were going straight to the Caspian sea .Toady’s ample of this river is almost 3 km. but it was 12 km. in ancient times.

Anahid as mentioned earlier name of the well known planet was Anahid/ Venus that was most beautiful and salient star in celestial as Venus’s orbit is between earth and sun from a viewer on earth it’s distance from sun will never be more than 47 degrees so Venus before  sunrise in east horizon or after sunset in west horizon is seen in 47 degrees and is never seen in middle of celestial .Because of this when Venus is a crepuscule star was shown with Amoudarya river that came from the high mountains of Hokar mountains and both were in the same path one in the earth and the other one on the celestial were going through Farakhkart sea and when Venus was in its acronical position with Amu darya river are going to Farakhkart sea so as a result Anahid (Venus and Amu darya both came out of high eastern mountains go through one way and will reach Caspian sea .For this reason ancient Iranian believed that same Amu darya river and Anahid /Venus star have a same spirit and called them with one name Ardevisura Anahid gave Amu darya water .This is why ancient Iranian got this believe that which still Iranians believe that water and light are from same fountain or it’s called water is water is light .

These points are in AbanYasht which is one of the nicest parts of Avesta: “That is the fecund which is well-known all over .that is as big as all waters in the earth .That is the power that goes from Hokar Mountain to Farakhkart Sea”.

In oldest periods Anahid/ Venus was not only star of Amu darya but also belonged to all waters on earth and people prayed Venus for more rain that they need for cleanness and more water .The believe of this Izad Banou (goddess) power became more and more that people wanted their other things from her: “Anahid. symbol of goodness, the most powerful help me to rich happiness .To the happiness that every on that get it will get all the thing she like the things that is needed for a happy life” (Aban Yasht, part 130).

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