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Farr-e Kayani

September 9, 2006


Reza Moradi Ghiasabadi
Translator: Saam Saykh-ol Eslami

From long times ago and between different nations and religious there was a tradition in their paintings. They draw a beams of light around the heads of their holly men and kings .In Iranian (Persian) believes and writings it is called Farr lightness from god is called Farr that whoever can have it has the capacity of being leadership .Sa¢ alebi called it “God’s lucky lights”. In Avesta there is special part for describing and praying Farr. «Zamyad yasht/ kayan yasht/ Khvarena yasht» these are old parts of Avesta “we pray Mazda’s Farr which is powerful, bright, adroit, deft, pious which is superior from all creatures”(Zamyad yasht, Part 9). Zamyad yasht`s alludes show that these parts are composed in west mountains of Iran (Persia) specially «Zabolestan/ Sistan/ Nimrouz». In Zamyad yasht more than praying Farr so many mountains of Iran has been alluded.

Now this question arises that what was the origin of Farr in nature that brought us these ideas.

I think that Farr consists of sunshine’s that could be seen before sunrises and after sunsets. Befor sunrise these lights came out from western mountains of Iran so mountains were first ones that had Farr and as we have seen in Zamyad yasht and other Iranian writings there is very important connection between Farr and mountains. We also know that mountains are so high. they have rivers and their fountains in them sun came out from it’s behind stars are up on them and so on so mountains are links between this world and heaven. But in sunsets all these go to seas (it can be Caspian Sea or Hamoun Lake). In Zamyad yasht Farr temple is in Farakhkart sea and all it’s demand ants dive into sea to reach it. 

Farr in today Persian means light and beam. And in Pahlavi language is pronounced: khorre, in Avesta language: khvar. Which means light and greatness and also in Sanskrit word: Svar and in Avesta hvar means sea or sun. In gatha (Zoroasters`s book) one time word Khvarena has been used with meaning light and is an adjective for Jamasp.

In nature the only reason that we can concern for Farr is coming out behind of mountains. And there is no reason for having beams of light around hollies heads. So we can guess that Farr was how much beautiful and important in recent Avesta passages «Ashtad yasht» has been mentioned about Farr power of melting ice and waking up Boushasp (sleeping bogie) both f them are sunshine’s abilities especially in sun rising.

By all of these reasons and considering that in old traditions mountains were links between this world and heaven. And firstly sunshine could be seen in mountains ancient people show links of their hollies and god by painting beams of light around their heads links Sassanian king against peoples believes used and draw in paintings.

Believes about Farr has connection with Soushiyanth (survivors) and especially with Zoroaster and Christ that in next times will be discussed: “When «they» make a new world then he comes and make world with «his» goal (Zamyad yasht, part 19).

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