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A Comparison of Touran Tattoos to Verses from the Shahnameh

July 13, 2007


R. M. Ghiasabadi

Archeological excavations in East Central Asia in Pazyryk have led to the discovery of tattoos on humans’ bodies. The categorization of the tattoos and related graves can lead one to guess that they were not just for decoration but were an indication of their owner’s indentity. The tattoos designs are mostly of animals like tigers, rams, and fish along with mythic designs like winged horses. This article compares these designs with those on the arms of the heroes in the Shahnameh. It is notable that these historical finds were excavated from the tombs where the famous Pazyryk carpet, dating on the Achaemenid era, was discovered.

Pol-e Firuzeh (Turquoise Bridge), Vol. 7, n. 18, 2009, p 174.

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